Koc University Scholarship 2022-2023 (Full Fund)

Koc University Scholarship 2022-2023 (Full Fund)

Continue your education in Turkey. Good news! Applications for Koc University scholarships are currently open. In this article, we are going to explain this scholarship, its benefits and the application process step by step.

Koc University Scholarships 2022-2023 is a fully-funded scholarship for international students. This scholarship is awarded for Masters and PhD courses. The scholarship includes tuition fee waiver, monthly scholarship, housing allowance, private health insurance and travel allowance.

Koç University has grown into a centre for global excellence in science and education, intersecting primarily with medicine, engineering, science, social and administrative sciences to conduct basic and applied research and attract the best students and faculty. Uniquely located to look.

Koç University's Scholarships are for those aspiring to MS, MBA, Masters, LLB, or PhD in any of the academic fields and majors offered at Koç University. Over 70 new and exciting graduate programs will be offered this year.

Summary of the scholarship.

  • Degree level: Master / PhD
  • Institution: Koc University
  • Study: Turkey
  • Duration of study: Master's with thesis (2 years, course and thesis), PhD (4 years, course and thesis), Master without thesis (1 year, accompanying the course).

Course offer

Graduate School of Business.

  • MBA
  • Technical MBA.
  • Executive MBA.
  • MSc Finance.
  • CEMS Master in Management (CEMS MIM).
  • Koç University Master in Management (KU MIM).
  • Koh University Master of Management with a double degree from the University of South Carolina (The Darla Moore School of Business).
  • Doctorate in business administration.
Graduate School for Social Sciences and Humanities.

  • MA and PhD. Archeology and art history
  • MA Comparative Studies in History and Society.
  • MA, MD and PhD. Design, technology and society.
  • MA and PhD. business
  • MA and PhD. International Relations and Politics
  • LLM Private Law / LLM Public Law and PhD law
  • MA and PhD. psychology
  • MA European Joint Master in Social and Cultural Psychology - The Global Brain.
  • PhD Sociology.
  • PhD history.
Graduate School of Natural Sciences and Engineering.
  • MSc and PhD. Biomedical science and technology.
  • MSc and PhD. Chemical and biological engineering.
  • MSc and PhD. Computational Science and Engineering
  • MSc and PhD. Computer science and engineering
  • MSc and PhD. Electrical and electronic engineering.
  • MSc and PhD. Industrial engineering and management.
  • MSc and PhD. chemistry
  • MSc and PhD. Materials science and engineering.
  • MSc and PhD. mathematics
  • MSc and PhD. Mechanical engineering.
  • MSc and PhD. Molecular Biology and Genetics.
  • MSc Optoelectronics and Photonics Technology.
  • MSc and PhD. physics
Graduate School of Health Sciences.
  • MSc Medical Physiology.
  • MSc Medical Microbiology.
  • MSc Reproductive Biology.
  • Doctorate in reproductive medicine.
  • PhD in Neuroscience.
  • PhD in Cellular and Molecular Medicine.
  • MSc and PhD. Nursing (Turkish only)

Scholarship coverage.

The Koc University 2022 Scholarship Offers:

Koc Scholarship for Masters.

  • Fee exemption (96,500 TL / year)
  • Monthly grant of 1500 TL.
  • Housing assistance close to the campus (750 TL / month) or free furnished accommodation (shared by 3-4 students)
  • Private health insurance (limited coverage)
  • Travel allowance for participation in scientific programs (once a year, for a fixed amount per year)
Koc Scholarship for PhD.
  • Fee exemption (96,500 TL / year)
  • Monthly grant of 3,000 TL (increases to 3,500 TL after graduation)
  • Assistance with accommodation (750 TL / month) or free furnished accommodation near campus (shared by 3-4 students).
  • Private health insurance (limited coverage)
  • Meal card
  • Free HGS (Fast Transit Pass) bumper stickers for campus entry.
  • Travel allowance for participation in scientific programs (once a year, for a fixed amount per year)

Eligibility criteria Koc University Scholarship 2022.

To qualify for the Koc University Scholarship, a candidate must meet all of the following requirements:
  • Required language: English
  • Eligible Countries: All countries in the world
  • All applicants must apply through the online application program.
  • An application without the required examinations (GRE, TOEFL) significantly reduces your chances of admission and thus your chances of receiving a scholarship.
  • All applications will be considered based on the candidate's academic performance and not financial needs.
  • The scholarship results are distributed to the candidates by the respective graduate school via the online application system and e-mail notification of admission.
  • Information on specific grades and conditions for the doctoral scholarship, as well as benefits for each graduate school, can be found on their website.
To learn more about the program requirements, please visit this link.

How do I apply for the Koc University 2022 Scholarship?

Please follow the Koc University Scholarship Application Guidelines:

Required Documents:

  • Declaration of purpose (SOP)
  • curriculum vitae
  • University diploma (refer to each program's website for minimum GPA requirements)
  • University diploma
  • English language test result (only TOEFL IBT is accepted and with a score of 80 IBT or higher, IELTS is not accepted in Turkey)
  • GRE or GMAT test results (the required minimum scores can be found on the website of the respective program)
  • Contact details of the speaker (2 for Masters and 3 for PhD programs)
  • Other documentation (see Specific Program Requirements)
Step by step application process:
  • To apply as an international student for the university's undergraduate courses, you need to fill out an online application form.
  • Detailed information on admission requirements, admission requirements, the minimum number of points and application deadlines can be found on the website of the respective graduate school.
  • Applications with missing documents will not be considered.
  • You should not send any documents to the university by email or post.
  • A separate scholarship application is not required. All you have to do is apply to the programs of your choice. Scholarship decisions are based on academic ability, not financial needs.
  • In your target statement, you can state whether you are a scholarship holder or have applied for a specific scholarship program (country-specific).
  • The application process is free of charge. there is no application fee
After you have submitted your application, you can only upload missing test results if they were not yet available at the time of submission.

If you have technical problems with your application, you can contact the responsible graduate school by email at any time.


To learn more about the Kok University Scholarship, please visit the official website:

official website.