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MasterCard Foundation Scholarship 2022 (full funding)

Track your education in South Africa. Applications for the Mastercard Foundation scholarship are currently possible. In this article, we go into detail about the scholarship program, its benefits, and the step-by-step application process.

The Mastercard Foundation Scholarship 2022-2023 is a fully-funded Masters Scholarship for international students. The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program (MCFSP) is aimed at academically outstanding but financially disadvantaged young people in Africa who demonstrate their knowledge, attitudes, skills and values ​​through their leadership role to change the continent.
Community service and internships are an integral part of the program. MCFSP offers a full scholarship to designated students who have been provisionally admitted to a postgraduate degree at the UP. After graduation, they will return to their home countries and back to their communities. Applicants should not yet have a master’s degree.

Summary of the scholarship.

  • Degree level: Master
  • Institution: University of Pretoria
  • Study: South Africa
  • Opportunity focus areas: See the list below.
  • Program duration: two years.
  • Deadline: August 31, 2021 / October 31, 2021.

Course offer

  • Faculty of Engineering - Advanced students can apply.
    • industrial engineering
    • Chemical engineering
    • of civil engineering
    • Technical computer Science
    • Electrical engineering
    • electronic engineering
    • mechanical engineering
    • Mining technology
  • Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences.
    • Food science and technology.
    • Agricultural economics/business administration
    • Zoology, animal science.
    • Plant pathology.
    • Applied botany and soil science.
  • Faculty of Humanities.
    • Humanities (Political Studies)
    • Politics (International Studies)
  • Faculty of Economics and Administration.
    • Accounting science.
    • Finance
    • business
    • Information science.
    • Agricultural Management.

Scholarship coverage.

  • The Mastercard Foundation Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship for Africans. It will include:
  • Accommodation and meals in a UP residence or UP-approved accommodation.
  • Full tuition fee.
  • A modest monthly grant.
  • Assumption of medical care during the study period.
  • Textbooks and printed materials.
  • Visa cost.
  • Development opportunities for managers.
  • Reasonable travel expenses (including plane tickets) to and from your home.
  • Educational advice and counselling assistance.

Eligibility criteria for a Mastercard Foundation scholarship

To qualify for the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship, a candidate must meet all of the following requirements.
  • Required language: English
  • Eligible Countries: African Countries
  • You should be admitted to study at the UP. For the MCFSP application, you need your matriculation number as well as your study documents and other evidence.
  • Open to young Africans interested in postgraduate training.

How do I apply for a Mastercard Foundation scholarship?

Please follow the instructions to apply for the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship:

(1) You can apply online at
  • To use the online application system, you need internet access and an e-mail address that you can access regularly. As soon as you send your online application, you will receive a confirmation of your matriculation number (EMPLID) to this e-mail address.
  • Alternatively, you can send your application form in paper form to the following address.
  • University of Pretoria
  • Student Service Center, Hatfield.
  • Pretoria 0028, South Africa
(2) The application will be checked by the responsible faculty members and you will be informed of the result. Postgraduate applicants must have their certificate certified by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Please visit

(3) Download the MCFSP application form from

Application inquiries can be sent to:
Tel: 012 420 4297.


To learn more about the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship, please visit the official website:

official website.